Qooapp for iOS

Qooapp has a large library of amazing Japanese games and apps. This highly anticipated app for Japanese games and app is hard to download on any iOS device. Lots of people are having trouble, and they just could not get the reliable source where they can install Qooapp for iOS on their iPhone/iPad and iPod so that they can download the best Japanese games and apps.

We have a special and a perfect guide on how you can download and install QooApp on your iOS device. Getting Qooapp on Android is pretty easy, but when it comes to iOS it is difficult as compared to Android, but if you follow this guide carefully then you will not face any problem.

Qooapp for iOS

Qooapp is not an easy app to get on the internet. There are plenty of guides out there to get. This article will tell you how you can download the latest version of QooApp for iOS(iPhone/iPad).

What is Qooapp?

Qooapp is a third party app store which is available for both Android and iOS. We are not sure which platform got this app compatible with first, but it’s good to know that this app supports multiple platforms.

QooApp is a Japanese based third party store where you will get a large amount of Japanese apps only. Since this app is Japanese based, you won’t get this app on your regular app store. Every region or country has different sets of apps according to the type of country. If you are living in the United States, then you will see the US-based apps on your apple app store. So getting this Japanese based app just not seem to be possible if you are not living in Japan.

Qooapp is a professional anime game platform where you can get your favourite anime game for free. All the apps and games available in Qooapp are free to download. This app contains everything that an anime lover would want.

Qooapp for iOS

Qooapp APK for iOS (iPhone/iPad):

Quoapp also contains news and comics sections. These sections can be an additional feature that the developers put because almost every user of Qooapp is looking for Japanese apps and games that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

The problem with third-party app store or any app in general which are downloaded from third-party websites, there is a high risk of getting a virus on your device. This is one of the reasons why third-party app store contains app which can have infected files. Official App stores have fully certified app which is completely safe to install on your smartphone.

Of course, you can download a great antivirus to keep your device secure and remove all the virus on your smartphone if there is one due to some third party apps. So download third-party app stores at your own risk.

It is a guarantee that you will get a virus if you download this app or vice versa. So the best thing you can do is to uninstall the app once you have downloaded the app that you want. In case you want to download multiple apps then try to download the apps at once to avoid any infected files to get into your smartphone.

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How to download and install Qooapp for iOS

We have more than one method which will guide how you can download Japanese Games and apps for free. The first method is the main guide which requires at least an iTunes ID.

So here are the steps for the first method

  1. Using your iOS device, go to iTunes.
  2. Now the app will show up on your screen, and there will be a download button.
  3. Simply tap on the download button, and the app will download and install on your iOS device.

So this method is very simple, and there should not be any problem. But there are lots of people who are not having any iTunes ID. So for all those people, we have an alternate method to download Japanese based apps for free on your iPhone.

We should keep in mind that the main goal is to download the Japanese games and apps. So download a Japanese app from Qooapp or not it should not really matter to you as long as you are installing your favourite Japanese app.

So here the steps to download and install any Japanese games and apps (Qooapp for iOS).

  1. Go to app store using your iPhone or iPad and browse any app. Tap on “Purchase it”, and you will prompt to sign in to your Apple ID.
  2. Create a new Apple ID by tapping on “create new ID”.
  3. When you tap on “create New ID”, your device will show you the registration section for Apple ID. Select your region as “Japan”.
  4. Fill up all the necessary information such as date of birth, existing email address and password etc.
  5. Select “None” when it asks for billing info. Enter your name; you can also use any random name you want. Fill the name in “phonetic last” and “phonetic first”.
  6. Now you need to give a billing address. In this field, you can give an actual billing address of Japan. This billing address does not really have to be a place you know personally, or a relative of you lives there.
  7. Try to give correct billing address such as the postal codes.

Now the Apple ID that you created is based on Japan so that you will get all the Japanese apps and games in apple app store. You don’t need any third party app like Qooapp to install Japanese apps.

If you want to switch back to your original Apple ID, then you can simply go to “Sign out” and input the original ID information, and everything will go back to usual.

This is compatible with iOS version 7 and above.

Qooapp for iOS is a great platform to get Japanese based apps and games for free.