Qooapp APK for android, iOS and PC

Download Qooapp apk to get the best Japanese games and apps on your Android and iOS smartphone. This guide is very helpful if you want to download the apps which are not available in the usual app stores. So read this article till the end.

Most of us already know that Japanese games that are very popular in Japan and+ some other region are locked in the well-known android app store called Google Play Store. Google Play Store has restricted all the Japanese bases games and app. People have tried to trick google play into thinking that your region is in Japan, but you certainly cannot trick Google. The same case is with the iOS users; you won’t get any Japanese bases anime games and app in the apple app store unless your region is Japan. I will tell you later in this article that how you can trick your region to Japan with some easy steps.

So if you want to download and install some amazing Japanese games and apps on your Android and iOS smartphone, then you came to a right place.  If you want to get Japanese games, then google play store, and apple app store should be off the table because this app store won’t help.


Qooapp is a  third party app store for Android which is Japanese based, and you can find lots of amazing Japanese games and apps which you won’t get anywhere else. The app is pretty basic, and since it is a third party app store, it is not guaranteed that you will get the verified versions and it can also give you some viruses. However, that is not the case with Qooapp, but there is still some risk when you download the app.

Download qooapp

Download Qooapp for Android, iOS and PC

There are some people who are reporting that this app gives the virus to your phone so I would suggest you download this app to install particular Japanese games or apps. After you download the app you want, you can uninstall the Qooapp to reduce the chance of getting a virus. However the app itself needs Qooapp to update so whenever the app that you have downloaded from Quooapp ask for an update, you can simply install the app and update the app.

Only a few people would want to keep Quooapp installed on their smartphone, and those people are the one who wants to try every Japanese games and app that is available in that third-party app store. In fact, who would want to download that much of apps and games which are Japanese based? I’m pretty sure that you want to Download Qooapp so that you can install that specific Japanese game that your friend told you to play.

So uninstalling Qooapp is recommended and it will give you peace of mind. You can also keep the Qooapp and not get any virus so keep it at your own risk.

User interface of Qooap APK

Qooapp apk has a unique icon. There is weird shape face with a hat and moustache which I don’t know how it represents an app store. If we talk about the design of the app, it is basic, and the layouts are just like any other third-party app store. There is a turquoise colour theme going around, and the popular Japanese apps are represented as grid style. In my case, it was 3×4 grid style.

There is a search bar on the top of the app where you can search for any specific app that you want to download and install.

How to download and install Quoapp for Android Smartphones and Tablets?

Quoapp is an android third-party app, and it is compatible with Android version android version 4.0 to android version 7.1 Nougat.

  1. Using your Android smartphone, open google chrome and copy paste this URL on the address bar.
  2. Now press enter, and you will visit the downloading site of Qooapp.
  3. Simply click on the “ Download on Qooapp apk ”, and It might ask you to confirm as it says that this file might contain the harmful virus.
  4. Click on Ok, and the downloading process will start.
  5. The app will take only a few seconds to download. (The timing vary from different internet speed).
  6. You will get a notification when the app will completely download in your smartphone. Open the notification and start the installation.
  7. Before installing the app, make sure that you have enabled the “Unknown Sources”. You can go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  8. If you don’t enable “Unknown Sources”, then the apk file will be restricted from installation. So make sure that you enable downloading of the unknown source before you install the apps which are downloaded from third-party app store.

Download qooapp

Qooapp apk will now install on your android smartphone. Now you can open the app, and you will see all the latest popular Japanese games and apps are on the home screen. You can search for any specific app from the search bar. You can use either English or Japanese to write the name of the app. The developers have created this app to understand English letters as well.

Note that the app that you will download from the Qooapp apk will be downloaded externally as an apk file. You have to download the apk file from Qooapp and open the apk file separately to install the app. You have to go through the same process as installing Qooapp itself.

So download and install as many apps and games as you want and enjoy playing all these amazing Japanese games.

Having trouble Downloading? Read more

Download Qooapp for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Qoapp is not available in iOS platform, but the purpose of Qoapp is possible if you are using an iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Every person who  download Qoapp is downloading the app because they can download the popular Japanese games and apps on their devices. Qoapp is not the only place where you can get all these amazing Japanese based apps.

iOS has a protocol of having an Apple ID as all the iOS users know. But not many of us know that you can select any region in your initial set up of apple ID to get access to certain websites which are only available in the registered region.

So the deal is to have a Japanese Apple ID to get access to some amazing websites using your browser to download any Japanese apps and Games for free.

How to get a Japanese Apple ID?

  1. In order to have Japanese Apple ID, you need to have Credit/Debit card which is Japanese based. There is no way you have a Japanese card, so we have to look for an alternate way.
  2. Using your iOS device, sign out from your already signed in account and open the app store.
  3. Go to any paid app and tap on the purchase.
  4. Apple will prompt you to sign in to your Apple ID in order to buy the app.
  5. Choose “create New ID” and follow the prompts.
  6. Select your country like Japan and accept the “agree with terms and Services”.
  7. Fill up all the necessary things like email, passwords, date of births etc.
  8. Select “None” in the billing option as you are in the process of buying an app. You can put your name in the inputs. You can use Japanese names to make it more legit.
  9. Now here comes the tricky part, as you have to input the billing address, you have to type in a proper postal code and an actually existing billing address which is in Japan.

After filling all the details, you are good to go, and you can download Qooapp app for free. All the Japanese apps which are available in the Japanese region of app store will be present in your apple app store as well.

Download Qooapp for PC / Windows / Laptop

Qooapp is a great third party app to download Japanese apps for free on your smartphone. Since this app is getting popular among anime lovers, people are looking for a way to install this app on Windows PC.

We have a perfect guide for you. All you have to do is download an Android emulator called “Bluestack Emulator”. This emulator is completely free to download, and you can install the emulator from this link https://www.bluestacks.com/.

Bluestack is an android emulator for Windows PC where you can run all the free android apps on your PC using this emulator.

How to install Qooapp for PC

  1. Download and install the emulator on the link given above.
  2. After installing the emulator, you need to download Qooapp apk file on your PC. Follow the same steps mentioned in the “Qooapp for Android” section.
  3. Open the Qooapp apk file, and it will automatically open Bluestack emulator and start installing the app.
  4. Qooapp will be available in the App drawer of the bluestack emulator.

Over to you

So this is how you can download and install this app on your Android, iOS and PC.